Employers frequently fail to deal with employee discipline, termination or necessary workplace changes out of fear that doing so might violate the rights of workers and bring the wrath of a government agency to bear on them. An employer who is knowledgeable about his or her rights and responsibilities is able to make decisions without fear of liability. A prepared employer has a competitive advantage over those who aren’t.

Experienced Cook County Labor Law Attorney

At the Northbrook, Illinois-based law firm of Lawrence M. Donoghue & Associates, P.C., we assist employers in this work, because lawsuits are expensive, distracting and demoralizing.

The goal of a business is to prosper and profit in a system that is rife with serious legal challenges.

Comprehensive Employment Law Representation

There is no substitute for knowing the law and how it works.

  • Severance agreements. Creating termination agreements that are legally effective and preclude any possible litigation.
  • Government agency investigations. When a government agency seeks to investigate an allegation of discrimination or wage dispute, your entire business is fair game. I will advise your business throughout the process, including training management, responding to the agency and appearing at any proceedings.
  • Responding to discrimination claims. What is the most effective way to deal with such claims and how does the government processing of these cases proceed?
  • Policy manuals and other documents. Clear policies prevent later misunderstandings and lawsuits.
  • Negotiating employment contracts. Hiring executives is a key part of working for your company’s future. What protection can your business demand from them should they leave? How does your business protect its trade secrets and customer relationships?
  • Employment law for health care providers. Working with physicians and other providers is a special focus of Lawrence M. Donoghue. These businesses face unique issues that require effective policies and workplace practices.
  • Union organization campaigns. We work with you to avoid or win unionization votes. The election window is short and getting shorter. How can an employer make sure its workers are fully informed of the benefits of staying union-free without allegations of unfair labor practices?
  • Confidentiality and trade secrets. Your data is your most valuable asset. It must be protected in advance, not after it has been disseminated. As an employer, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle once your competitors have your trade secrets.
  • Litigation. Litigation is what we try to avoid, but when it must be done, we are ready to fight for your business.

If your business needs a conscientious, experienced employment and labor attorney to work diligently for it, call Northbrook employment and labor lawyer Lawrence M. Donoghue at 847-509-9177, or e-mail him using this convenient form.