All employers must protect their organizations against violations, non-compliance, and litigation. But medical and other health-related clinics have special legal problems they just address.

We, at Lawrence M. Donoghue & Associates, P.C., give special attention to clinics seeking to deal with these legal issues:

  • Confidentiality: HIPAA imposes serious restrictions on patient data. Lawrence Donoghue works with clinics to create workable privacy policies to protect patient and clinic information.
  • Drugs in the workplace: Drug misuse can shut your clinic down. What are the rules requiring lockup? Is your clinic in compliance? Do you have an employee drug-testing program in place to detect violations? Lawrence Donoghue can lead you to a safe and sensible drug solution.

Based in Northbrook, Illinois, but serving the entire Chicago metro area — call Lawrence M. Donoghue to discuss your business’s legal challenges.

In addition to these specialized areas, clinics face the same employment law problems other organizations do — confusion about policies, legal challenges by employees, and compliance issues with government agencies.

We Work With Every Kind of Doctor and Specialty Clinic

We serve family medicine and pediatric clinics, oncology practices, dentists and orthodontists, internists and chiropractors. Our familiarity as lawyers with the employment problems of health care organizations has made clinics a key part of our legal practice.

Compliance issues putting pressure on medical and other health care clinics? For a safe and sensible solution, call Chicago employment attorney Lawrence Donoghue at 847-509-9177 or e-mail him using this handy form.