Executives have more leverage than rank and file employees. They can request written employment contracts that protect them against “at-will” terminations. But, given the access such individuals have to your company trade secrets and confidential information, your company must take steps to protect itself from competitive harm when that executive leaves.

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At Lawrence M. Donoghue & Associates, P.C., located in Northbrook, Illinois, and serving the entire Chicago area, we work with executives and organizations to craft employment contracts that meet their respective needs. We also review existing written contracts and advise on how they could be better or clearer.

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The key part of most employment contracts is the termination provision, sometimes called a “just cause” clause. The executive being hired will usually suggest very specific terminology spelling out exactly what kinds of circumstances would be just cause for termination. The hiring organization often wants its own version, maintaining maximum prerogative to terminate the contract. They sometimes do this using a “catch all” clause — whatever the board deems to be fit cause for termination.

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Sometimes clients are in dispute over an existing contract. Lawrence Donoghue has often been called upon to negotiate a resolution. We are experienced in all dispute resolution techniques, including assertive negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

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At the offices of lawyer Lawrence Donoghue, we work with executives or businesses to represent their respective interests, and to maximize clarity on what remains an important commitment.

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