The wave of discrimination lawsuits hitting Chicago businesses far exceeds the legitimate cases. Nevertheless, businesses must defend themselves against these claims. The best defense is always prevention.

Prevention of Lawsuits Begins With Sound Policies

My name is Lawrence M. Donoghue. I work with businesses in the metro Chicago area to craft policies that spell out a company’s commitment to equal opportunity, establish open-door policies to prevent misunderstandings from mushrooming into incidents, and ensure that anti-discrimination policies are taken seriously company-wide.

Sometimes the dispute is with the individual person. Sometimes we must respond to an inquiry from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Illinois Department of Human Rights.

Racial Discrimination, Sexual Discrimination, Age Discrimination

There are times when policies and statements alone do not resolve a case, and we engage in litigation. I have helped scores of businesses in my area defend themselves against accusations of discrimination. The first thing I do is assess what actually happened: Did discrimination occur? I reconstruct the complaint, discussing it with the people who were involved, evaluating the claim.

If the claim has merit, I work to negotiate a peaceful settlement. If I decide the matter lacks merit, I am not afraid to litigate to reach a solution favorable to my clients.

Cook County Labor and Employment Lawyer

Discrimination complaints cover a broad range of circumstances, and there is no simple answer to any of them. Your best course of action is to rely on a lawyer who is deeply experienced in Illinois discrimination disputes, and deeply knowledgeable of both the law and the way the various regulatory agencies work.

Lawrence M. Donoghue meets that definition, and invites you to meet with him and discuss your problem.

Discrimination lawsuits are corrosive and distracting. Confront them head-on with Northbrook employment discrimination attorney Lawrence Donoghue’s knowledge and experience. E-mail him or telephone him toll free at 800-303-4492.