Not every hire works out. When you hire the wrong person, you need to let that employee go. But if you terminate the person incorrectly, the opposite of what you want happens. Instead of going away, the employee hangs around in the form of an expensive and distracting government investigation — or worse, a lawsuit.

Dealing With Disgruntled Employee Syndrome

Bad firings turn into claims of discrimination, harassment, deceptive practices, and other charges.

The solution is to craft hiring and termination policies that spell out in unmistakable detail what the company’s rights and the employee’s options are.

A management that is well prepared and considers the ramifications of its decisions before making them avoids future problems and expense and maintains a competitive advantage.

Cook County Severance Agreement Negotiations Attorney

My name is Lawrence M. Donoghue. I have been practicing labor and employment law in Chicago for three decades. I help Illinois companies fashion severance agreements that minimize negative aftereffects. My firm can help your company:

  • Fashion sound hiring and termination procedures that keep legal risks to a minimum
  • Recognize potential employment law problem areas or procedures and take steps to fortify them
  • Administer discipline to problem employees or terminate them completely, without incurring claims of discrimination

We Conduct Effective Severance Agreement Negotiations

Some employees are poor performers or violate your work rules. Sometimes you have to terminate them. But it must be done in a way that does not come back to haunt you.

We also help businesses with litigation in this area, defending them against employee claims and lawsuits. But, a preventive approach is always less costly.

Let lawyer Lawrence M. Donoghue assess and amend your hiring and firing procedures to avoid legal complications.

Does your business need to review and revise its severance policies? Get help. Call Northbrook severance agreement attorney Lawrence Donoghue at 800-303-4492. Or e-mail him using this form.