The most serious moment in labor management occurs when a union takes steps to organize your employees. Unionization makes the culture of an organization more adversarial.

Know How to Behave in a Unionization Campaign

At Lawrence M. Donoghue & Associates, P.C., we become your unionization campaign lawyer, working with you to mount a campaign of strong communication and effective legal tactics.

We represent Illinois employers in these kinds of actions:

  • We coordinate strategies to avoid (or win) elections conducted by the National Labor Relations Board.
  • We represent employers in legal proceedings involving NLRB elections. These include disputes about how to describe the business unit, who is eligible to vote, and objections people have to the way the election is conducted.
  • We advise employers on union avoidance issues.
  • We defend against unfair labor practice charges before the NLRB.

Unionization efforts tend to get heated. We work to keep a cool hand, advising employers on the subjects of strikes, picketing, boycotting and hand-billing.

Assertive Cook County Labor Union Attorney

Sometimes labor problems lead to litigation. When this happens, we are there to represent the employer and to provide counsel on what is best and most affordable for the company. We stand with the company in the event it is subject to unfair labor practice charges, lawsuits, or grievance hearings.

Cook County Labor Union Attorney

When necessary, we represent employers in collective bargaining negotiations.

This is a complicated part of labor law, one in which you need a legal arm that is knowledgeable and savvy. Lawrence M. Donoghue provides the right combination of firmness and prudence, working with both sides to be cool, and to make progress together.

Unionization effort underway at your business? Call Northbrook union organization attorney Lawrence Donoghue toll free at 800-303-4492, or e-mail him using this form.